Saturday, 18 October 2014

The way.

This week the church here showed a film in the church hall one afternoon. I intended to go but having read the blurb about it I realised that I was in danger of weeping all the way through.

So I bought the DVD instead and have just watched it on my own. Just as well, the tears rolled, the hanky got wet .

It was about the loss of a son. Martin Sheen, one of my favourite actors played the father whose son died on his pilgrimage walking the Camino de Santiago...the way of St James...

It was a lovely film and it reminded me of the truth, that we all tread our paths in life, sometimes in company with other people , sometimes alone but our paths can be hard and nothing is accomplished without effort..

"I am the life, the truth and the way." The words of Jesus chime particularly strong right now.

My way is strewn with rocks, I walk it every day...but I do have company...

This film shows diverse people looking for their own path through life for their own reasons....and that's the important thing to be aware of, that we are all different, the sum total of our life's experiences.

If the way is too hard then you may buckle but most of us soldier on...

The grief apparent in the film was heart rending but so too is the joy, the achievement . I'm too old to walk the mountain tops now but I don't have way is here right now in this Holy place...thank you God.


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