Thursday, 11 February 2016

Time passes!

Yesterday started hot but ended chilly....and I am just talking about the weather!
I've never been here before in February but I am amazed to find so many people here....the streets are thronged and the coffee shops full.
Today I am being taken to Reids for a conducted tour. This is the very up market hotel which we can see from here....
My friend, having stayed there previously has arranged it....we shall go by taxi! I walked easily into the town yesterday but am all too aware that I am no longer the fit woman I was last time I was taking a taxi to go up the hill suits me fine!
Sometime soon I will have a swim. There are three out door pools and another one inside. And it's very fairly quiet in all of them!
My greatest regret is the lack of appetite. I just can't eat anything larger than a sparrow....
Lots of delicious food is on offer but so far I have left more than I've eaten!
This does not sit well with me particularly in Lent!
The good news is that the wifi is slow but free....I think! So I can blog and play games when I feel like it!
I am astonished to find it's already Thursday. Tempus really is fugit right now!

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