Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Toyota trouble.

This place is glorious. The sun shines, the sea is blue and everywhere we go has pretty cottages with lovely gardens.
It's not without its problems though.
Yesterday I was taken out to see a view of massive cliffs around a beautiful bay. I took some pics and then started to walk back to the car. My friend stumbled and hurt something in his leg. It wasn't bad but walking became a problem.
I volunteered to go and get the car. I'd never driven it before but it was automatic which is like my own car so I could see no problem.
First I had to find the car. I peered into every silver grey car in the line. Only when I found one that responded to the key was I sure that I'd found the right one.
I got in.
Then I could not get it to start!
The dashboard lit up. It was apparently ready to go but it simply didn't.
It's a Toyota. Not a make I am familiar with. Muttering oaths about the Japanese I tried again. It simply refused to play.
Eventually I had to walk back down the hill to ask how on earth I could get it to move!
We walked back up the hill together, my friend limping, me cursing!
The thing started immediately.
I have no idea how it knew I wasn't the rightful owner. I just think I may never ever again go anyway near a car from the Far East!
I will stick with my German ones!

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  1. My SD has a Toyota which starts with a Square piece of plastic inserted - which is some sort of digital key. There is a button to press to start it as well. I'd be lost. I've got a car with one of those electronic locking devices, and experience has shown me that it sometimes misfunctions, and I'm locked out. So it's now disabled and I use a key to unlock and to start the car. At least my french import allows you to do that. So cars from Germany, don't do that :(