Thursday, 14 July 2016

Cheering loudly!

Well! I've been far too busy watching the headlines to blog today....I've also done a fair bit of whooping and cheering!
The promotion last night of Boris gave us a bit of a clue about where our new Prime Ministers intentions lay!
But this morning brought real joy in the Rolt household where I have had my friend from Devon staying this week!
Early this morning I cheered heartily at the news that Gove had been sacked and more cheers followed when Nicky Morgan followed him into the wilderness.....
Teachers and young doctors throughout the land will be rejoicing at the loss of Gove, his minion and Jeremy Hunt.
Hopefully now Wittingdale has gone too the BBC might be safe as well!
Teresa May has clearly been chopping down the dead wood and those who have been radical in their approach to certain professional bodies in the land have been stopped before anymore harm could be done!
The fact that our new PM has been so radical in her first days should not hide the fact that she is still a Tory...but her first speech was promising followed today by bringing joy to large parts of the nation....

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  1. Clearly the account that Jeremy Hunt was going was not true but the feeling of elation sacking Osbourne, Gove and Nicky Morgan she had cleared out some problem remains to be seen how close to her acceptance speech she can stay but it does look like a fair start! Women are exceptionally well representated .