Saturday, 16 July 2016

Posh holiday!

Waking up much later than usual I was delighted to find the sun was up before me.
Listening to the radio I found the Saturday morning chatty show was from Morecambe!
Memories flooded back.
Every year in life we went to Blackpool for our holidays...until the year we went posh. And that was not just Morecambe but Heysham which somehow sounded posher!
I was then about thirteen and the daughter of the boarding house invited me to go out with her on Saturday night.
To my astonishment my parents agreed and off I went to my very first dance hall!
I did not lack partners to dance with and I suppose that I looked quite a lot older than my years.
At any rate a teenage boy danced with me and suggested we went for a walk along the prom!
I went....this was the first time in my life that I had "pulled" to use a modern expression!
Off we went and as we strolled he put his arm around me. I was such thing had ever happened before. I was very innocent.
Suddenly my friend stopped dead. A hand had grabbed him from behind. It was my father.
"On your bike" he said to the boy in threatening tones.
The boy gulped and disappeared fast....I though he'd probably left his bike somewhere safe close by.
My dad held me firmly by the elbow..."You are coming home with me" he announced.
I was mortified. I'd left the girl from the boarding house on her own.
"She'll be alright!" Said my father grimly. "Just too old for you!"
Looking back I now know him to be right....I might have been in some trouble if the boy had tried anything on...he was bigger and older than me. At the time though I was mortified, showing the moral indignation that only a subteenage girl can demonstrate in spades...
I haven't much to thank my father for but that incident was one of them.
Morecambe was a lovely place but I haven't been back since....until this mornings radio show brought it all back!
It's a long way from Cornwall!
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