Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Changing world!

Listening to the news on the radio this morning it would appear that we are slowly moving towards cataclysm.
Global movements of people running from war torn places are only the outward expression of what is happening to us all....
We see a world we don't like...we see the rise of people we don't like and listen to their future plans with a mixture of incredulity and anxiety.
In this country we voted to leave the safety blanket of the EU whilst in America they voted for a man who plans to make the USA great again...
So many words have been spoken , so much speculation and now dire warnings about not trusting Russia are filling the airwaves....
What stands out now is that people are not happy with the present state of affairs...they don't like the way the world is moving and fear an appalling outcome!
So we voted for change!
Brexit is change. Trump is change....
We fear the rise of Isis, we fear the risk of losing our way of life...we are desperate enough to vote for what we don't really understand because it is not what we have now!
I understand this need...I also fear it.
Now is the time for prayer I think!

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  1. The world is an even more dangerous place, now that Trump is to be president. His cosying up to Mr Putin and threats to withdraw from NATO might be rhetoric, but are frightening all of the same.

    Many countries in Eastern Europe are nervously looking over their shoulders towards Russia, while NATO postures, but seems unwilling to intervene, and without American political will - might be regarded as a spent force.

    Yes, prayer is all we have, since the government has decimated our Armed Forces, and we are reliant on the French for an Aircraft Carrier, and other countries to mount an expeditionary force.

    Perhaps time to batten down the hatches and become isolated, but that would make the world an even more dangerous place.

    And the BREXIT supporters with their delusions of power need a reality check.