Sunday, 27 November 2016

The painter and other problems....

D day has arrived.
The phone rang during the weekend and a cheery voice said,
"I'll be there at eight o clock on Monday. One sugar!"
I have cursed the day when I asked the very good painter and decorator to come and paint my sitting room. I know and like the man. More importantly I trust him....but .....
I am now an old woman . I can't take pictures and curtains down and more importantly put them back up again!
I've had one bad experience of being decorated when I lived in Essex. A job that should have taken a week stretched out to three and the man actually scared me!
Every time I emerged from my bathrooms he was always immediately outside! Even when he was working in a different room!
It got to the stage where I used the loos in the park close by to the amusement of my friends. It wasn't funny!
This man I have no doubts about...but how to explain that I am too old to be moving books by the hundred weight around is one of the problems. I want to tell him not to do a proper job....but I don't want to insult him!
I shall use the stair lift put in for David.. sending cups of tea up the stairs isn't going to be a problem...
But I am anxious....I could end up exhausted if I'm not careful.....
Thank goodness I am away at Christmas . I shall need the rest!

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