Friday, 6 January 2017


Well I am home...geographically. My mind is I think still in outer space...somewhere over Southampton.
We had a very good journey home, the young taxi driver was very punctual at getting me off the ship...
It is good to be home. I've enjoyed the cruise but I am aware of slight relief that now I'm home I don't have to go away again for a few months!
So the problems that need to be solved don't seem too bad really.....
My gardener is here already....cutting grass in the dark!
Sainsbury's will arrive the food for next week will soon be in the fridge!
I have yet to see if the car will get me to the village where I am presiding on Sunday...
Then I can start thinking about the sermon . The church warden has sent me the readings and the hymns for that Sunday whilst I was still literally at sea!
Getting all my ducks in an orderly row is my aim for today...
"Fall in at the back there! Right quick two...
Unfortunately my ducks are going in all the wrong directions this morning...but I'll get there at some stage.

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  1. My DH is reading the Old Testament and Epistle to Ephesians this Sunday, he calls Isiah 60 the Quaker Oats reading as it begins Rise, shine which is on the cereal packet.

    My mind goes to the Rise and shine, holy stone the cable, all those who are willing and able. Apparently this was shouted out at Naval School in 1920s.

    Best wishes for 2017.