Saturday, 20 January 2018


It is horrid outside. But there is no snow, just rain and wind.
Normal weather here then but it is keeping me pinned down.
On the steps outside my front door is a sort of Roman statue. I like it but every morning this week I have found it lying on the ground.
The first thing I checked this morning was the huge head. It has not been pushed over during the night.
I’m not sure if this means that it’s not too bad out there but am reluctant to go and find out.
There have been days when I have been pinned to the wall outside...
So, far from being brave the sensible thing would be not to go out at all.
Thankfully the Wi-fi is working despite the overhead power line shaking hard outside.
This means I can communicate. I can blog, chat, play Scrabble etc.
Even on a day like this where I may not go out at all I don’t feel alone. In fact being forced to stay in means more time to communicate on both Twitter and Facebook, so they do have their uses...
I never feel miserable about a day in on my own...I don’t feel lonely.
This makes me a very fortunate woman, just settling down to some daft games on my own.
In the middle of all the world angst, the wind and the rain here is a small pool of content. Thank you God.

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Robert Collis said...

Stay safe, warm and enjoy the benefit of the internet - as long as it doesn't go down ;-)

UKViewer said...

I waited outside the Church Hall for several hours this morning for a man to unblock a drain which meant the ladies facilities were not available. Sorted but now we need to tell them not to put wet wipes down the loo, as they were the guilty culprits for the blockage. A day in the varied life of an LLM, and adhoc member of the Facilities and Grounds committee of the PCC. And it was freezing. The Vicar eventually brought me in for a warming, welcome cuppa. Bless her.